ORNL-5786 — A Review and Analysis of Parameters for Assessing Transport of Environmentally Released Radionuclides through Agriculture


10/15/02 — Table 5.2 on page 130 was incorrect in previous versions. The table was incorrectly labeled as "Table 5.1" and reference 230 should have been reference 229.

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PDF ornl5786.pdf  Complete document 3,188,641  167
PDF ornl5786-1.pdf  Cover, Table of Contents, List of Tables, List of Figures, Parameter Symbols and Definitions, Highlights, and Introduction 56,353  20
PDF ornl5786-2.pdf  Element-Specific Transport Parameters 382,995 62
PDF ornl5786-3.pdf  Interception Fraction for Vegetation 70,469 16
PDF ornl5786-4.pdf  Site-Specific Parameters 2,606,490 45
PDF ornl5786-5.pdf  Miscellaneous Parameters 51,444 10
PDF ornl5786-6.pdf  Summary, References 73,355 19

This document, published in 1984, has proved to be extremely popular. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) limited the original production to 100 copies because of budget constraints. In the early 1990's I managed to get another 200 copies of the document made from a first-printing copy, and as a result some of the figures in these copies were practically illegible.

I have re-created the document as a portable document format (PDF) file with emphasis on rendering as much of the document in text rather than merely capturing images of each page. Although successful, the PDF file of the complete document is still approximately 3.2 MB in size. Therefore, I have divided the document into subsections to facilitate downloading over the Internet. The links to these documents are provided above.