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Order 436.1 Roles/Responsibilities

Field Managers

Field Managers are responsible for preparing, submitting, and implementing their site sustainability plan (SSP) and submitting accompanying data requested by DOE's Sustainability Performance Office (SPO). The SSP is submitted to the site's respective Program Secretarial Officer (PSO) or the NNSA Administrator with a copy to the SPO.

Field Managers ensure appropriate quantifiable sustainability and energy goals and targets in the SSP are integrated into the site performance evaluation and measurement plan (PEMP) or equivalent document. To ensure that DOE's sustainability objectives are integrated into contracting documents, Field Managers are responsible for notifying contracting officers of those contracts that must include the Contractor Requirements Document of DOE Order 436.1, Departmental Sustainability.

Field Managers, through their respective PSO's annual internal budgetary process, are responsible for requesting the funding and resources necessary to meet the requirements of DOE Order 436.1. Also, Field Managers are to monitor and report their sites' performance in implementing the requirements of the Order to their PSO or the NNSA Administrator.

Field Managers are responsible for ensuring their site environmental management system (EMS) covers all site activities, includes programs with objectives and measurable targets contributing to the achievement of DOE's sustainability goals, and are certified to or conform with the International Organization for Standardization's (ISO) 14001:2004 (E) in accordance with the accredited registrar provisions of the standard or established self-declaration instructions, respectively. A site-wide EMS, which accounts for all site activities and site-specific objectives and measurable targets that contribute to the Department achieving its sustainability goals, can be prepared at sites with multiple contracts. A consolidated SSP is to be prepared for a site that hosts multiple EMSs.

Program Secretarial Officers

Program Secretarial Officers (PSOs) support their Under Secretary in the implementation of sustainability goals, targets and milestones. PSOs also work with Field Managers to implement assigned site sustainability goals and targets established through the site environmental management system (EMS), formulated in detail in the SSP, and recognized in the performance evaluation and management plan (PEMP), as appropriate.

PSOs review site sustainability plans (SSPs) submitted by their Field Managers and develop or assist their Under Secretaries in developing composite sustainability plans (CSPs).

Through the annual internal budgetary process, PSOs request the funding and resources necessary to carry out requirements not funded through Energy Saving Performance Contracts (ESPCs), Utility Energy Service Contracts (UESCs), or alternative financing. PSOs shall ensure that all personnel affected by DOE Order 436.1 receive training on its requirements.

Under Secretaries and the Administrators of the Power Marketing Administrations

The Under Secretaries and the Power Marketing Administrators support the Senior Sustainability Officer (SSO) in meeting the Departmental sustainability goals, the Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan (SSPP), and DOE Order 436.1 through the Program Secretarial Officers (PSOs) and Field Managers, and executing assigned sustainability duties, as applicable. The Under Secretaries are responsible for the planning, resourcing, implementing, monitoring, reporting, and managing of projects and activities that contribute to their organization's achievement of the Departmental sustainability goals. The Power Marketing Administrators are to plan, resource, implement, and manage the achievement of the goals, as applicable.

The Under Secretaries and Power Marketing Administrators are also responsible for

  • Supporting the SSO in external reporting and communications;
  • Ensuring the development, review, submission and implementation of site sustainability plans; and
  • Developing and submitting a composite sustainability plan (CSP) based on the site sustainability plans and/or CSPs submitted by their respective PSOs, which include planned actions and program budget allocations, as appropriate.

Under Secretaries are also responsible for ensuring reinvestment of verified savings associated with sustainability projects to further sustainability goal achievement.

Senior Sustainability Officer

The role of the Senior Sustainability Officer (SSO) originated in Executive Order (EO) 13423 and is expanded upon in EO 13514. DOE Order 436.1 assigns the SSO the responsibility of chairing the DOE Senior Sustainability Steering Committee and participating in the Steering Committee on Federal Sustainability.

DOE's SSO is also responsible for:

  • Fulfilling duties as stated in EO 13514,
  • Submitting to the Council for Environmental Quality (CEQ) Chair and Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) DOE's Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan (SSPP) and annual inventory of GHG emissions, and
  • Submitting other Departmental sustainability performance and progress reports to the CEQ Chair and the OMB Director and their staff on such schedule and in such format as required.

Sustainability Performance Office

The Director of the Sustainability Performance Office (SPO) is DOE's principal point of contact relating to sustainability and has the following leadership responsibilities:

  • Supports the Senior Sustainability Officer (SSO) in the execution of SSO responsibilities;
  • Reports on DOE sustainability matters;
  • Serves as DOE's interagency liaison on sustainability issues;
  • Works with the Chief Financial Officer to ensure sustainability is considered and represented in DOE budget guidance;
  • Chairs the DOE Sustainability Working Group, which provides a forum for sustainability discussions, strategies, and best practice sharing in support of DOE's sustainability efforts;
  • Provides technical assistance to support DOE elements on sustainability issues, including data summaries, analysis, and projections; and
  • Delegates activities to appropriate corporate DOE elements.

Corporate Partners

The following offices partner with the Sustainability Performance Office (SPO) to contribute to achieving the Departmental sustainability goals.

Director Office of Management develops and maintains policies and directives for fleet, real property acquisition, maintenance, operations, disposition, and personal property. The Director also develops and maintains a professional development program for Departmental facility managers that includes resource conservation requirements and sustainability practices.

Chief Health, Safety and Security Officer develops and maintains policies and directives for environmental protection, including the conservation and preservation of natural and cultural resources. In addition, the office provides technical assistance in the implementation and maintenance of sites' environmental management systems (EMS).

Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) provide technical assistance to the SPO. FEMP manages the Department's utility acquisition and management in coordination with the appropriate line management organizations.

Chief Information Officer serves as DOE's lead on the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative and establishes policies and directives that support electronics stewardship, data energy efficiency, and related information technology sustainability best practices.

Chief Financial Officer ensures requests for funding to carry out the requirements of DOE Order 436.1 are prioritized during the formulation of DOE's annual budget request, to include the social cost of carbon; develops and implements cost savings reinvestment guidance with assistance with the SPO; and coordinates budget data calls related to sustainability with the assistance of the SPO.

Please contact either of the following for further assistance and/or to provide feedback on this training.

The Sustainability Performance Office at sustainability@hq.doe.gov or Josh Silverman, Director, Office of Sustainability Support, josh.silverman@hq.doe.gov.

This page was last updated on December 11, 2014