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HS-20 Sponsored Assistance Calls and Networks

The conference calls arranged and moderated by staff from HS-21, Office of Sustainability Support, or HS-22, Office of Environmental Policy and Assistance, provide DOE and contractor personnel with two sources of information — their site counterparts, and DOE HQ or other relevant Federal agency contacts.

Site personnel share their challenges as well as their best practices and lessons learned. When describing their best practices, site representatives generally address the benefits, costs, challenges, and limitations associated with their projects. DOE HQ, along with other Federal agency contacts as appropriate, provides updates on emerging requirements, Executive Orders, laws, regulations, or policies related to the purpose of the call, as well as information about upcoming events or items of interest. The conference calls and subsequent distribution of call notes to the distribution list create informal networks that further reinforce the communication channel for information sharing.

The HS-supported assistance calls and networks are open to all DOE employees and contractors. The following lists the present set of calls, their focus areas and periodicity, and the point of contact for joining the network.

Clean Air Working Group (CAWG): Analyzes Clean Air regulations and provides sites with guidance to implement Clean Air Act rules; keeps DOE operations abreast of new regulations and emerging priorities. Meets bi-monthly. Contact: Larry Stirling, (202) 586-2417, John.Stirling@hq.doe.gov.

Cultural Resource Management (CRM) Workgroup: Advances the Department´┐Żs protection of its cultural resources. Meets quarterly. Contact: Beverly Whitehead, (202) 586-6073, Beverly.Whitehead@hq.doe.gov.

EPCRA (Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know) and TRI (Toxics Release Inventory) Workgroup: Promotes compliance with EPCRA and TRI reporting requirements and adoption of environmentally preferable chemicals and processes. Meets monthly. Contact: Jane Powers, (202) 586-7301, Jane.Powers@hq.doe.gov.

Fugitive Emissions Working Group (FEWG): Identifies reduction opportunities and alternative materials for minimizing emissions of high-global warming potential gases. Meets monthly. Contact: Josh Silverman, (202) 586-6535, Josh.Silverman@hq.doe.gov.

Sustainable Acquisition: Promotes the purchase of preferred products — biobased/recycled content, energy/water efficient, alternative fuels/vehicles, non-ozone depleting substances, less toxic/nontoxic, and other environmentally preferable products. Meets quarterly. Contact: Jeff Eagan, (202) 586-4598, Jeff.Eagan@hq.doe.gov.

Sustainability Assistance Network (SAN): Promotes adoption of sustainable practices throughout the Department through information exchange. Meets monthly. Contact: Beverly Whitehead, (202) 586-6073, Beverly.Whitehead@hq.doe.gov. Below are listed notes from the 2005 to 2008 Pollution Prevention (P2) and Environmental Sustainability Network (ESN) conference calls and agendas and handouts for the 2009 and 2010 SAN monthly conference calls. Many of the handout presentations are available at our Library of Presentations page.

2015 Conference Call Agenda and Handouts

2014 Conference Call Agenda and Handouts

2013 Conference Call Agenda and Handouts

2012 Conference Call Agenda and Handouts

2011 Conference Call Agenda and Handouts

2010 Conference Call Agenda and Handouts

2009 Conference Call Notes
2008 Conference Call Notes
2007 Conference Call Notes
2006 Conference Call Notes
2005 Conference Call Notes

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